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Get an App developed. We develop Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps.

Native Apps: Native apps are like custom-made tools that only work on specific phones or tablets. They are designed specifically for a particular brand like iPhone or Samsung. Because they are tailored to that device, they perform very well and have access to all the cool features on your phone. That means they can be very fast and have some special functionalities. However, it requires building the app multiple times if you want it to work on both iPhone and Samsung.

Example: A prime example of a native app is the Facebook app, which is designed specifically for either iPhone or Android phones. It looks and feels like a part of the phone's built-in features and allows you to use the phone's camera or send notifications directly to your home screen.

Web Apps: Web apps are like websites that function as apps. You can open them in your internet browser on your phone or computer and use them just like an app. They work across different devices and operating systems because they are based on the internet. Web apps are easy to update because they are on the internet, and you don't need to download anything to use them. However, they may not have access to all the advanced features on your phone and may not work offline.

Example: An example of a web app is Gmail. You can open Gmail in your internet browser on your phone or computer and use it to send and receive emails without downloading a separate app. It may not look like a typical app, but it functions well across different devices and operating systems.

Hybrid Apps: Hybrid apps are like a combination of native and web apps. They are built using web technologies but can also leverage some of the cool features on your phone. They work on different devices and operating systems and can be downloaded as an app from the app store. Hybrid apps can have good performance and some special functionalities, but they may not be as fast as native apps.

Example: An example of a hybrid app is Instagram. The app is built using web technologies, but it can use your phone's camera and allow you to share photos and videos directly from the app. It works on both iPhone and Android phones and can be downloaded from the app store.


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  • App 50

    Price kr23,750.00

    Achieve increased sales through the development of an application. This package includes 50 hours of programming and is well-suited for less complex applications, such as a recipe app. The application can be realized as a web app, hybrid app, or native app.

  • App 200

    Price kr95,000.00

    The App 200 package encompasses 200 hours of application programming, making it ideal for moderately larger applications such as sports apps or the inception of a substantial platform, like a sales marketplace akin to DBA. The application may be developed as a web app, hybrid app, or native app.

  • App 500

    Price kr237,500.00

    App 500 represents the ultimate package, including 500 hours of app development. It allows you to realize significantly extensive applications, including sales platforms and dating apps, and more. The application can be constructed as either a web app, a hybrid app, or a native app.

  • App Developer Hours

    Price kr475.00

    If you encounter issues with your existing app or simply wish to incorporate more features, or even build a new app, let us initiate a discussion about the tasks at hand and the recommendations we can provide. We excel in all kinds of applications, including web apps, hybrid apps, and native apps.

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