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  • Webshop 100
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    • -kr7,500.00

    Webshop 100

    Regular price kr30,000.00 -kr7,500.00 Price kr22,500.00

    This package is the ultimate package where there is ample time to thoroughly explore every corner of the shop and fine-tune everything to ensure the shop appears beautiful and professional.

    Save $1.078,38 compared to our regular price.

  • Webshop 30
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    • -kr1,500.00

    Webshop 30

    Regular price kr9,000.00 -kr1,500.00 Price kr7,500.00
    • This package is suitable for startups with a low starting budget. You will receive a ready-made webshop, with 30 hours of development time invested, and it will be ready to receive customers once you have uploaded your products to the shop. 30 hours is enough to create a beautiful and functional website, but not much more, which means there won't be enough time to include too many extra features or special designs.

    With this package, you save $215,68 compared to our regular price.

  • Webshop 50
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    • -kr3,250.00

    Webshop 50

    Regular price kr15,000.00 -kr3,250.00 Price kr11,750.00

    This package is for those who have a bit more to start with and want a more advanced shop with additional features and limited special requests.

    Saveย $467,30 compared to our regular price.

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